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Sunday March 25 2018 

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2018 Letter from President
Mar 14, 2018, 5:52 pm

Dear Members,

The 2018 outdoor tennis season is approaching.  I'm sure many of you are looking forward to getting outdoors and playing.

Welcome back to all of our returning members. A special welcome too to those new members who have chosen to join Applewood.  Please make yourselves at home as soon as you can and get involved in some of our many friendly club activities. 

There are many tennis activities for all levels and players including: adult friendlies, competitive leagues, house leagues, round robins, junior programs and tournaments. Socials will again be offered in the 2018 season and we want to make those a really special time.

Remember to thank all our Executive Committee members. We value the vital contributions made by them, as well as all of the many members who volunteer their time and energy, and greatly appreciate their continuing support. We are still looking for a Membership Director, a Social Convenor, and someone to co-ordinate the tournaments. For those of you who can volunteer some of your time this season, please contact one of the Executive Committee. 

This will, I’m sure, be another enjoyable year.  We welcome your comments or suggestions, and hope that several members will come forward to help the Executive with these challenges.

Check the Calendar of Events on the back of this letter for dates and times. Early registration will be at the clubhouse on Saturday April  21st from 11am to 2pm. On Sunday May 6th you can also register during Opening Day from 11 am to 2:00 pm, attend the Spring General Meeting from 2 to 2:30 pm, and play in the round robin from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. Alternatively, you can drop by clubhouse anytime an Executive Committee member or an attendant is on duty and sign up. Membership fees have increased about 9% as a result of the 21% change in the minimum wage for attendants and instructors. The new rates are $105 per Adult, $65 per Junior and $205 per Family (HST included).

Nets and Screens day is Saturday April 21st from 11am to 2 pm and we’d really appreciate the help of any members who can come out and help get the courts ready for play. Bring a ladder, some gloves and some willing hands. We’ll have pizza available for lunch.

Looking forward to seeing you on the courts.


Yours truly,

Blair Seckington, 2018 President

Applewood Tennis Club: 2017 Annual General Meeting Minutes – September 23, 2017
Oct 8, 2017, 1:15 am

Applewood Tennis Club: 2017 Annual General Meeting






Blair Seckington




Janet Brown




Daniel Vieyra



Roland Verkaik


Jim Zou





Absent With Regrets


Moy Fung




Mirella Vlasov


VP, Admin


Radu Dragomir


Membership  Associate

Janice Papineau


Ovidiu Bob


Murray Pinto




Annual General Meeting Minutes


  1. 1.       The President welcomed members attending and he introduced the current Executive Committee. Members were asked if anyone wanted to add any items to the agenda. The 2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes were given to members to peruse. Moved the minutes to be accepted by Kent Newell and seconded by Rod Nagano. All agreed.


  1. 2.       President’s Report – The President’s Report was reviewed with members. Overall Blair felt it was a good, but not great, year with no complaints to him. He noted that membership was down again, but finances were still solid. Teams, house leagues and round robins all had good seasons. No major projects were implemented.


  1. 3.       Financial Overview – The Interim Treasurers Report was reviewed with members. Jim advised that the Applewood Tennis Club had about $104,000 in the bank but there are expenses owing and the balance is expected to drop to about $97,000 by the year-end. Most of the money saved will be used for court resurfacing at some future date.


  1. 4.       Executive Reports – Copies of the Executive reports were discussed and available for review on the Bulletin Board by the members at meeting. They’ll be posted on website later next month. Each director reviewed their report with the members and some highlights are as follows:


Junior Development – Roland advised that we had 2 male Junior League ITCA teams (15 boys) and 1 female team (5 girls). There was a fair turnout (28) for the Junior clinics. The summer program had 42 participants in 8 skill levels (fewer than 2016). The Junior Round Robin program continued on Fridays this year from 3 to 5. The Junior Club Tournament had 43 singles and 17 doubles teams participate, although it had a low participation in the female division.


Facilities – Daniel was very pleased with the work of the attendants this year. They kept the court clean and there were no complaints from the general membership. About $1800   was collected due to the sales of snacks, etc. One member asked about the courts screens that need to be replaced. Roland stated that they would be purchased for next year. Tree over court 2 was trimmed back. Lights were still an issue on northeast of Court 3. Axel suggested that the breakers were overheating and need replacement.


Membership – There were 404 members this year. This is about same as last year, with junior membership continuing to drop slightly. The report presents a distribution curve..


Communications – Ovidiu had a busy season sending out emails and up-dating the website to keep the members up to date during the season. The web site continues to get significant exposure, over 100,000 hits. The nasty review of our club by Yelp is still active and some action is required. The membership was encouraged to write some positive reviews to show our club in a positive light.


Social – Janet had six events, including two potluck round robins which were very successful. She and others suggested that emails be sent out as reminders one week ahead of events. She thanked Zen for all his BBQ help. Blair thanked Janet for her efforts, as she is leaving the ole this year (but still willing to help new person).


  1. 5.       Member Issues

Squirrels building nests in awnings – take down in 2018.

Resurfacing courts – Repainting originally shown as 2018, is likely not required until 2020. Some issues were identified with uneven Court 3 to 6 surfaces (not much can be done) and some cracking in Courts 1 to 3 that should be filled and painted.


  • Ladies Friendlies – Repeated requested for 3 courts on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in 2018 as in 2017. Courts are fully utilized.
  • Men’s Friendlies – Many men wanting to play and 3 courts not enough on Tuesdays and Thursday. No action had been taken last year after discussion about moving the men to another morning or splitting the morning into 2 time slots such  
  • as 8 to 10 and 10 to 12. It was suggested maybe Monday, Wednesday and Friday might work, but it was pointed out that three courts are for Ladies ICTA team practices Monday morning 8:30 to 11:00 and for ICTA games every other Wednesday 9;00 to 12:00. Friday is open and should be an option. Executive will talk to Walter about this option next year.

Great to see as many men and women interested in regularly attending the Friendlies.


  1. 6.       Elections – Mirella was acclaimed as President (although some issue with attendance at meeting and may have to be appointed by Executive). Blair was acclaimed as VP, Administration. Daniel Vieyra, Jim Zou, Janice Papineau, Roland Verkaik, Murray Pinto, and Ovidio Bob were all acclaimed in their current positions.  

Vacancies exist for Membership Director (Radu Dragomir will help), Tournaments Director, and Social Director.

  1. 7.       Thanks to Outgoing Executive – Blair thanked Moy and Janet for their contributions.


  1. 8.       Other Issues

Flooring and Painting – No action since there was no committee..

ROPSSAA Rental – Blair informed everyone that on September 27th and on Oct 4th the local high school students from Peel will be using our facility from 7:30 to 5:00. The dates        are posted inside and outside the building, as well as rain dates (September 29th and Oct 5th).

Pocock High School Rental – Blair informed everyone that on September 14 to 28 the    local high school students will be using our facility from 2:30 to 4:30 Monday to Thursdays. The dates are posted inside and outside the building.

Christmas Dinner event – Roland asked whether there was interest this year at One Health. Membership indicated yes. Needs publicity. Details to follow. After the club house closes, please call Roland directly.

Divider Nets – New divider nets will be ordered this fall for next year by Roland.

Squeegees – New/better squeegees needed. Only one supplier. Mop alternative rejected.

City Parking – Need to contact city re parking – no school parking in day, reduced street parking.

Bubble – Valley’s Park – Suggested support, given Brampton has a municipal bubble. History discussed. Support if raised by MCTA, but agreed extremely unlikely.

New/better squeegees needed. Only one supplier. Mop alternative rejected.

Guest fees – The guest fee amount was lowered to $5 from at $10.

More Tournaments Needed- This will happen next year if we have a Tournament Director.

  1. 9.       Meeting Adjourned – At 4:00 pm, Kent moved it and Axel seconded it. All agreed.




Tennis Courts Use Hours
Jul 5, 2017, 12:17 am
Tennis play is not allowed before 8 am or after 11 pm. Our neighbours do not appreciate play at 6 or 7 am and have advised they will call the City and/or police. Please respect their right to reasonable play times and our lease terms - no earlier than 8 am.

Blair Seckington
President, Applewood Tennis Club
3525 Pinesmoke Cres
Mississauga, Ont 
L4Y 3L4
905-277-3051 cell 647-280-9324

OTA's new on-line magazine, app updates and Rogers Cup offersAfter almost 40 years of publishing history, Ontario Tennis Magazin
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After almost 40 years of publishing history, Ontario Tennis Magazine has undergone a radical transformation - to a new digital platform! Now launched, the newly-named ONTENNIS

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2018 Information Available March 20, 2018
Mar 17, 2016, 6:29 pm

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2018 Weather - Starting April 2018
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